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William B. Hand

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William B. Hand

Born in 1969, in Northampton, Massachusetts, William grew up in Syracuse, New York, where he began drawing at a very young age, and would race home from kindergarten to create imaginative worlds on paper before it was time for lunch. His interests today echo that early subject matter of dinosaurs, bugs, and robots, and his further inspired by the textures and forms of old locomotives, radio towers, insect-oriented electron-micrography, and dog noses. William weaves these, and other elements into fantastical and futurist entities and mechanisms.

William began painting with acrylics in high school. He often leaps into work with only the vaguest notion of what he might produce, one part of the painting spontaneously informing the next part, until eventually he has a finished work.

Currently residing in Rochester, New York, William enjoys painting, drawing and sculpting.

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