Device Gallery

Artists at Device

Carefully consider our overall aesthetic.  It is very important that your work fit with our vision.

If you feel your work is right for our gallery we will accept submissions in the following ways:

E-mail us a link to your portfolio site along with a brief note about the type of art you do and where you are located. This is the best way for us but we realize not every artist has a portfolio site.

E-mail no more that 5 images. Please keep the images small, emails totaling under 2 MB are preferred. Optimizing your images for web will let you send more detail with less overhead.

Mail us slides or images on a CD. Submissions sent by mail will not be returned so don’t send us anything you need back.

If we don’t get back to you it isn’t personal. We are daily swamped with submissions so even when we are interested it generally takes us a while. There are a number of reasons that we may not be interested, it often has nothing to do with skill or merit.

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