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Jud Turner

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Jud Turner

Quantum physics tells us that apparently solid objects are comprised of vast empty spaces, populated by tiny particles whose individual relationships create the whole. And that a single particle can exist in two separate places during one moment in time.

Jud Turner explores such dichotomies in his sculpture. Using welded steel and found objects, he creates artwork which embraces opposites --the tension between humans and nature; the perils of balancing biology and technology; or the combination of ancient fossils with modern machinery. He also engages contradictions by the materials he chooses --human forms which appear solid and realistic, but which were made with a delicate surface of thin wire, allowing the viewer to see through the figure; or by mixing the sense of scale in a piece, using large items alongside tiny pieces.

Turner places a high value on craftsmanship and surface appearances. He tries to balance realism with a stylization that allows him the freedom to push concepts into the deepest levels of the viewer’s perception. While his vision can tend towards the darker side of human nature, Turner’s work is infused with a sense of humor which can make difficult subjects easier to approach.

Born in Eugene, Oregon on November 17, 1969, a high premium was placed on education and creativity when Turner was growing up. He has always drawn, painted, and sculpted –trying to make some sort of tangible record of his experiences and impressions of the world. He received training in drawing and painting at the University of Oregon, under Professor Ron Graff and the late Professor Frank Okada, both renowned artists and educators. In the early 1990's, he transitioned to sculptural works as his main artistic output, focusing on direct welded steel work and found object assemblages.

Currently, Jud Turner lives and works in Eugene, with his wife, Melissa, and their 2 cats.

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